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Laurel Clark

Sharon Oliver

The inspiration for the Quilt Stick, Sharon devotes her time to helping others as a social worker, supporting her girls by being part of the PTA and rockin' some serious dance moves to the likes of her girls' favorite artist, Michael Jackson. Looking for the best storyteller around, visit her at our booth and she'll make you leave with the same passion she shares for quilting! 

Family friend, auntie and avid karaoke singer, Laurel plans and directs Quilt Sticks marketing and events throughout the country. For information on events and marketing or just general bragging about her beautiful nieces, contact Laurel at

Jason Oliver

Realtor by day and Quilt Stick enthusiast by night, Jason is an avid woodworker, lover of the outdoors and serious fun haver with his three girls that he shares with wife, Sharon. Looking for information on wholesale agreements or general business information, he's your guy! Contact him at 612-916-1171 or

Who we are

When I was about 5 months pregnant with my twin girls, I had taken on the task of wanting to make a Lone Star quilt for my brother’s wedding.  I encountered problems when I attempted to lean over to cut the strips, as my belly got in the way. This prevented me from keeping my acrylic ruler accurately aligned for precise cutting.  

In a desperate attempt to finish the quilt before the twins were born (knowing that I would not have much time after they were born), I turned to my husband to assist me with cutting my quilt pieces.  Having bought the fabric a couple months prior, I knew that it would be very difficult, if not impossible to find more fabric that would match. I was firm (as firm as a wife can be with her husband) that he cut all pieces precisely, as I had little room for error.  My husband laid the standard acrylic ruler on the fabric, attempting to get the accurate size (measure twice, cut once). After making one cut, he stated, “this is insane, I’ll be right back.”  My husband came back with the first Quilt Stick template that had the exact width that my quilt required. 

I watched in amazement as to how quickly my husband was able to cut up all of my needed fabric in record time.  With this wonderful tool, I was able to get my wedding gift completed in time.  Since then, I have been hooked on using these pre-cut templates for all my quilting projects. These templates ensure accuracy and efficiency, along with reducing fabric waste.  I wanted to share with other quilters this amazing tool and my hope is that you find them as useful as I have.

- Sharon Oliver, Quilt Sticks Co-Owner

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